Consumer Interaction Model in e-Health Powered by Blockchain

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The popular technological denominator is the Internet of Things with the idea of connecting all devices to each other. It is the natural evolution of the web, it merges information technology with operational technologies. By representing physical objects and process by its virtual copies, the IoT ecosystem is limited by a level of fragmentation, especially if placed within or connecting to e-Health system which is a conglomerate of various actors from ICT world. Blockchain with its transactional behaviour applied over data providers and users help overcome this fragmentation. Consumer interaction modelled on Blockchain's premises involves data users, stakeholders and authorities with technology by injecting trust and transparency, resolving IoT system fragmentation and fulfilling technical and semantic interoperability needs of e-Health systems.

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Identity management

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As a Blockchain expert and advisor, Dean Rakic accompanies customers in their digital transformation processes. He looks back on many years of experience in architecture for the processing of large amounts of data, especially in the healthcare environment. His professional focus is...


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