Women in Identity

  • TYPE: Keynote DATE: Tuesday, October 22, 2019 TIME: 10:00-10:30 LOCATION: Salon C

Challenges with Identity

Humanity is incredibly diverse and building systems that everyone can use, particularly for identity is hard. When we build these systems what kind of information do we base them on when it comes to the users of those systems? Do we have empirical evidence of the challenges users face? And if those users are based in another country do we make assumptions or speak to actual users?

In this workshop we will go through empirical user research from Bangladesh and India and understand the impact identity can have on users, particularly women. We will also understand how building more diverse teams can better equip us and identity professionals build better systems, and more profitable business as a result. 

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Esther Hoeksema is responsible for marketing at iWelcome. As a marketeer she is very interested in the consumer side of Identity Management, zooming in on the ideal customer journey, preference management and GDPR requirements. As such, she has been heavily involved in iWelcome’s GDPR...

Emma Lindley is an advisor on digital identity and co-founder of Women in Identity a not for profit organisation focused on developing talent and diversity in the identity industry.  Over a career of 16 years in identity Emma has held various roles, most recently as Head of Identity and...



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