Why AI Will Become Key for Cybersecurity
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Why AI Will Become Key for Cybersecurity

Innovation Talk
Tuesday, November 13, 2018 21:00—21:10

There are a number of challenges when it comes to effective IT security: On the one hand, organizations are facing an increasing number of malicious programs, and on the other, the number of devices to be protected is growing rapidly - especially in connected IIoT environments.

Common IT security solutions typically require a lot of administrative work, this is why the shortage of IT security experts adds significantly to the challenges outlined above.

Self-learning systems, using Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning mechanisms, may help in achieving the necessary balance between risk and administrative efforts, thus providing an efficient level of security.

Martin Mangold
Martin Mangold
DriveLock SE
Martin Mangold, Head of Cloud Operations, is responsible for DriveLock SE's global cloud business. In addition to the operation of cloud services based on Microsoft Azure, this includes the product...
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