Consumer Identity & User Experience

  • TYPE: Combined Session DATE: Thursday, May 16, 2019 TIME: 14:30-15:30 LOCATION: AMMERSEE II


Single Page Applications that are consumer and business facing have seen unprecedented growth. This session will cover different aspects of SPA that enhance user experience and touch upon areas which cross cuts security to spur thinking around one of the hardest problems of balancing user experience with security.


Ravi Muthukrishnan specializes in web application security, cloud security, data protection, risk management and cybersecurity issues. He has seven years of global experience in cybersecurity. He currently leads security architecture for Visa web applications, previously worked in CTO office at...

When it comes to integrating mobile apps into a single sign-on environment, there are often conflicting interests between designers, IT security, and what the end user really wants.
What is the impact of a given Login procedure to security and usability? And which approaches are proven to be functional and secure?
What reasonable compromise can satisfy ease-of-use and security requirements?

Key takeaways:
Learn how large-scale enterprises deal with these conflicts.

- How to resolve the conflict between designer, end user and IT security
- Impact of login methodology on user satisfaction
- Best-Practices and recommendations about Mobile App SSO


Andre Priebe is CTO of the iC Consult Group, a vendor-independent system integrator at the leading edge of Identity & Access Management. With more than 10 years of experience in managing IAM projects, he is responsible for product portfolio management and ensures that iC Consult continuously...

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