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  • TYPE: Expert Talk DATE: Thursday, May 16, 2019 TIME: 12:00-13:00 LOCATION: WINTERGARTEN
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The need to innovate and bring new products to market faster is one of the main drivers for the use of cloud computing in large enterprises. Cloud infrastructure is an essential part of the digital transformation as it builds the basis for agile software development. Companies have to increase their software delivery performance to stay in the game, even if their original strengths are in production.
To achieve this they often implement multi-cloud strategies as a result of so-called best-of-breed approaches. However, organizational processes and access management are considered to be the number one factor for rising complexity and cost in such environments. Inconsistent and heterogeneous access processes not only cost developers productivity, they are a great security risk, as their avoidance leads to an increase in shadow IT.
We introduce an approach to create and manage identities in a consistent way, following the cloud-native paradigm, providing a high level of autonomy to developers, while ensuring transparency for control and consistency.

Key takeaways:


- Consistent identity management is key to the secure use of multi-cloud environments
- Proper management of identities brings great productivity gains for developers
- Autonomy and transparency over complex and slow manual approval processes


As a co-founder of meshcloud, Christina is a multi-cloud expert. With a platform for multi-cloud management and governance, meshcloud helps large organizations implement a sustainable cloud strategy and provide secure cloud environments to their IT teams. Christina runs business development at...

Most new application development now takes place in the cloud at a faster pace than ever before. Companies are leveraging cloud native capabilities such as storage, orchestration, and compute to deliver value to their business. We are dealing with more services, more users, and more data which all translate to more risk. Getting your access control right becomes more critical than ever - and it’s not just about security, it’s also about enabling new scenarios. The way we address access control needs to be in line with DevOps and the twelve-factor app. In recent years, new approaches such as attribute and policy-based access control have simplified authorization. New standards such as ALFA and form factors such as cloud-native authorization engines now enable enterprises and their developers to seamlessly integrate the right controls into their cloud application and data lake development. In this talk, we will cover how cloud-native authorization can help you go to cloud more quickly and safely leveraging containerization, configuration-driven authorization, and CI/CD principles.

Key topics:

How authorization can scale in line with your cloud applications
How how cloud-native authorization can address data access control challenges on data lakes
How a standards-based policy-driven approach can help implement access controls as configuration rather than code making it more maintainable and easier to audit
How to distribute, automate, and configure authorization in line with cloud principles


David is the VP Customer Relations at Axiomatics AB, the leader in externalized authorization management. In his day-to-day job, David helps customers architect authorization solutions that enable secure data sharing in compliance with compliance and privacy regulations. David's main area of...

This session will cover aspects of how a retailer successfully transitioned to a 100% cloud-based managed service offering, having their active directory hosted in the cloud and integrating into multiple cloud applications including Office 365. We will cover approach, what worked and lessons learned.


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