Current & Future Status of IAM

  • TYPE: Expert Talk DATE: Wednesday, May 15, 2019 TIME: 12:00-13:00 LOCATION: WINTERGARTEN
Expert Stage I


Pam will provide more insight into the IAM field in general and discuss their view of where they see the industry heading in the future, from both a diversity and technology perspective.  


What skills do identity professionals use on a daily basis? How long does it take to feel confident as an identity professional? What projects are identity professionals working on in the coming year? Each year, IDPro conducts a survey to answer these questions and more. In this talk, Andrew Hindle will share the results of 2019 IDPro Skills and Programs Survey, provide his analysis of the results, highlight popular areas within the digital identity management industry, and examine growth opportunities for identity professionals.


Andrew Hindle is an independent consultant specializing in digital identity, cybersecurity and privacy. He is a founding member of IDPro, for whom he serves on the Board and chairs the Editorial Committee. He participates as a voting member of the User-Managed Access Working Group at...


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Munich, Germany


European Identity & Cloud Conference 2019

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