"Das Sterben der Pythia" – On Humans, Artificial Intelligence and Oracles

  • TYPE: Keynote DATE: Tuesday, May 14, 2019 TIME: 14:30-14:50 LOCATION: AUDITORIUM
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Very often we hear the argument, that the way the internet has been influencing our lives can be compared to Gutenberg´s invention of the printing press. Emilio Mordini - Psychiatrist and one of the world´s most distinguished thought leaders on how future technology will change the way we think and live, says that the transition from analog to digital is much closer to the transition from the spoken to literacy than the printing press ever was, because it is changing the medium in which human thoughts are materialized. In his keynote, Dr. Mordini will refer to Dürrenmatt´s Short Story "Das Sterben der Pythia" and describe why he thinks that "digital predictions" are always and unavoidably self-fulfilling prophecies. 

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Emilio Mordini is a clinical psychoanalyst, based in Paris (France) and San Vito al Tagliamento (Italy). Emilio has a background in medicine and philosophy. He is an expert on risk communication and psycho-societal impact of emerging technologies. His research activity focuses on the collective...


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Dr. Emilio Mordini - "Das Sterben der Pythia" - On Humans, Artificial Intelligence and Oracles

Munich, Germany


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