Blockchain und Self Sovereign Identity

  • TYPE: Session DATE: Wednesday, November 14, 2018 TIME: 11:10-12:10 LOCATION: Caroline & Wilhelm

Panel - Self Sovereign Identity, DIDs und zukünftige Standards der Blockchain-Identität

Blockchain Identity Lösungen könnten für etablierten Unternehmen vielenversprechend sein. Aber was muss passieren, damit etablierte Firmen die Kontrolle über die Identitätsdaten ihrer Kunden aufgeben? In dieser Paneldiskussion werden die Referenten auch über die Herausforderungen sprechen, die der Blockchain-Technologie mit den Bestimmungen der DSGVO und ePrivacy Regulation gegenüberstehen

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Information security is my passion since the turn of the millennium and I consider myself a decentralization visionary. With business diplomas plus a doctorate from European Business School (EBS) and a computer science bachelor's degree from James Madison University (USA), I am business-driven...

Starting during his childhood, Maximilian grew more and more fascinated with technology and started modifying desktop PCs with his dad. Driven by curiosity, he has always been trying to understand the inner workings of systems and has been looking for new technologies. Not surprisingly, he...

Oliver Terbu, uPort Identity Architect & Standards Lead - Oliver Terbu is an Identity Subject Matter Expert with ConsenSys/ uPort and has more than 8 years experience in the identity area in highly regulated industries. He designs architectures and solutions for clients integrating with...


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