IoT – Neglect Devices at your Peril

  • TYPE: Keynote DATE: Thursday, September 06, 2018 TIME: 10:15-11:00
Conference Agenda

The term “smart” is often used to describe the burgeoning device market as the Internet of Things goes mainstream (smart devices, smart cities, smart buildings etc.). There is no doubt that the disruption caused by IoT is accelerating and will continue to do so until those who have not embraced it are retired. But to call devices smart is a misnomer. Only the personnel that deploy and use IoT devices can be smart, unfortunately many aren’t.

This seminar will address the building block of IoT “smartness” and how to design an approach to IoT adoption that drives business benefits rather than just providing a response to the “hype”.


Graham Williamson is a director of KuppingerCole (Asia Pacific) Pte Ltd headquartered in Singapore. Graham has practical experience in the identity management and access control industry having completed assignments in the academic, government and large corporate industry sectors across three...


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Executive Meet Up - Singapore

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