IAM – The Reckoning Force Within Your Cyber Security

  • TYPE: Keynote DATE: Thursday, September 06, 2018 TIME: 09:15-10:00
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Cybersecurity has been a constant challenge for organizations and more so for dynamic organizations with an aggressive digital business strategy. As organizations scale up, whether in terms of infrastructure, users or business - Security leaders are expected to extend their cybersecurity controls to match this growth. Identity and Access Management (IAM) technologies play a crucial role in both - understanding the risks presented by such expansions, and providing readiness for businesses to deal with such challenges in a competitive manner.

In this session, we take you through the importance of IAM in your overall cybersecurity strategy and how security and risk management leaders can use IAM controls to support their organizations digital business objectives.


Anmol Singh is a lead analyst at KuppingerCole. He brings more than 14 years of cybersecurity experience focused on identity and access management and related technologies. Through his career, Mr. Singh has worked in several positions ranging from IAM engineering to architecture, consulting,...


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