The Fake News Era: Reaffirming the Importance of Digital Identity

  • TYPE: Keynote DATE: Friday, September 21, 2018 TIME: 09:40-10:00 LOCATION: Emerald 2
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The Cambridge Analytica news, combined with Russian bots, illuminates a climate where misinformation is rampant and having the option for anonymity and assurance of identification are both critical. Not only are users’ data being accessed by third parties, but these third parties are advancing discourse in regional and national conversations that do not necessarily reflect the views of constituents. Data scraping and fake bots have created a multi-pronged challenge that must be addressed in order to protect diverse voices and authentic conversations in a democratic public sphere. In an era of misinformation and disinformation, the need for the digital identity of people, organizations, and relationships is needed now more than ever. Learn what Canada is doing to address these issues.

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