CRM, Marketing Automation & User Experience

  • TYPE: Combined Session DATE: Wednesday, October 31, 2018 TIME: 13:30-14:30 LOCATION: Salon C


By means of BriqBank, PwC's fully operational, cloud-based banking demo environment, we will demonstrate a number of cutting edge use cases in consumer identity applicable in banking and far beyond.

The live demonstrations you will see during this session:

  • Real-time sharing of bank account information, in a privacy proof manner, by casually onboarding friends of a BriqBank account holder (a.k.a. ‘prospects')
  • Amazon Alexa Integration: customer initiated coupling of BriqBank account for voice controlled banking
  • Over-the-air adjustment, and deployment, of strong, multi-factor, customer authentication flows

The things you will take away during this session

  • Insight into how customer consent can be used as a strategic marketing instrument
  • Inspiration on how stepped – mobile – approach leads to seamless onboarding of prospects
  • Conviction that orchestration and open standards, such as OIDC, OAuth and UMA, are the magic dust of digital identity and open banking


Hugo brings 15 years of experience in delivering digital identity strategy and -solutions within retail banking, payments and telco’s. His key areas of expertise include omnichannel authentication, cross-channel fraud detection and digital onboarding. Hugo leads the Consumer Identity...

Marketing is in a transitional era. New technologies have changed so much about how marketers work -- from the responsibilities of the chief marketing officer, to what content is created, and why.

The smartest marketers today are agile and able to quickly adapt to change. From experimenting with artificial intelligence (AI) and refining how to use big data to connect with consumers on their own terms and building brand loyalty with authentic storytelling.

This panel will talk about how to improve marketing strategies and customer outreach by tapping into data analytics and marketing automation and about the trends they see shaping the future of marketing.


Christian Goy, is the co-founder and managing director of the Behavioral Science Lab. Business transformation and innovation leader, opera-lover, former professional athlete, two-time Hall of Fame inductee, and sub-four-minute miler, Christian was raised in East Germany, overcame adversity and...

Nathan Shedroff is the CEO of Seed Vault LTD, which is building the  Seed Token  project. A pioneer in the fields of experience design, interaction design, and information design, he is also the chair of the Design MBA programs in design strategy at California College of the Arts...


Amsterdam, Netherlands


Consumer Identity World EUROPE 2018

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