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Any company providing online services is facing increasing identity theft, forgery and fraud issues. At the same time, customers demand convenient and quick processes. For being compliant with KYC, AML and data privacy regulations, service providers need to be sure of their customers’ and users’ legal identities. Therefore, the online services industry faces the challenge to deliver strong and at the same time intuitive authentication and identity proofing processes.
Thanks to advances in biometric technology, biometric authentication is now more secure & convenient than ever. Still, data privacy and security are the big issues companies and consumers think about when it comes to biometrics. But, instead of having to fear data misuse, there is a transparent way of using biometrics as an authentication for logical access control: Anonymous face recognition with liveness detection. Consumers stay completely in control and any process they secure through their biometrics needs 100% of their consent through face authorization. Thus, automated customer onboarding & authentication with identity proofing and guaranteed user presence now aligns with data privacy through anonymous biometrics.

Key Takeaways:

- Biometrics & Privacy are not a contradiction
- Biometric authentication can solve many issues concerning digital identities in the online services world
- Biometric authentication is bound to a person BUT also anonymous, privacy-assured, highly secure, accurate & convenient
- Anonymous biometric authentication with liveness detection supports GDPR implementation and compliance with AML & KYC regulations


With “be recognized” as the slogan and vision for the company, Ho first recognized the commercial potential of the multimodal biometric technology now known as BioID. Ho’s knowledge and long-term experience in software and IT security are essential to the successful...

Biometrics is one of the most visible trends in authentication and authorization. Particularly in the financial industry, biometrics under PSD2 is increasingly considered as a second, secure factor. Also, Entry-Access systems commonly use biometric features, such as fingerprint or face recognition, for authentication. But probably the best integration into everyday life has been achieved by the smartphone manufacturers, e.g. Apple with Touch and FaceID. The question is: Why is biometrics of immense importance for modern identity management?

Key takeaways:

· Only biometrics really enable passwordless authentication
· Biometric login is the simplest and most comfortable option for users
· Biometrics will be a key to connect real-world and digital identities


Sadrick Widmann completed his Master of Science at Karlsruhe University of Applied Sciences where he lectured on topics such as Automation of Business Processes and Programming. He has a proven track record in management as a managing director at CarbookPlus GmbH. Sadrick is now CPO and...

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