Getting the Most out of Your CIAM Strategy

  • TYPE: Combined Session DATE: Tuesday, October 30, 2018 TIME: 11:30-12:30 LOCATION: Salon A & B


Our world is becoming more digital and more mobile every day. The sensitivity of information being exchanged online grows rapidly and data privacy is a real concern to many people.
How are we facing new challenges to keep pace with today's digital transformation?
Getting rid of all paper flows, taking KYC-process to the next level, improve customers’ experience, introduce a safer way to login and confirm transactions, be compliant with EU regulations and PSD2.
Creating a digital ID in a country is one of the solution, but it requires more then just technology.

Belgian use case: itsme® is a digital ID that combines security, trust and respect for privacy. Offering all basic features to truly digitalize a process: from client onboarding, over order confirmation to safely signing contracts. It is easy to use in the public and private sector and based on a transparent and fair business model.
Belgian Mobile ID is a consortium of Belgium's leading banks and mobile network operators who have joined together to create the Belgian reference for mobile identity and digital privacy. itsme® was recognised as Belgian official mobile ID 7 months after its launch.

Key takeaways:

- a verified digital ID is a key component to create a safe digital society
- discover de 6 success factors to create a digital ID in a country
- collaboration between the public and private sector is key, but how to handle it?
- discover the trends of digital ID
- get practical examples how digital ID can create new opportunities for your business


From taking care of customer experience in real life to Design Thinking and UX in a digital world, for Remy Knecht, COO at Belgian Mobile ID, the customer-user-citizen needs to be at the heart of the solution. Thanks to technology and innovation, we have the opportunity today to be in the...

When dealing with consumers and customers directly the most important asset for any forward-thinking organization is the data provided and collected for these new type of identities. The appropriate management of consumer identities is of utmost importance. Handing over personal data to a commercial organization the consumer typically does this with two contrasting expectations. On the one hand, the consumer wants to benefit from the organization as a contract partner for goods or services. Customer-facing organizations get into direct contact with their customers today as they are accessing their products and services through various channels and deploying various types of devices. It is essential to know the relevant attributes of that customer at the right time: An improved user experience leads to customer satisfaction and thus to returning customers.

In this Session, the big 4 will talk about how they are deploying CIAM solutions and which strategy they have and what benefits they are deriving from it.


Gerald Horst joined PwC in 2016 as Partner and is leading PwC Europe’s Digital Identity team. Before joining PwC, Gerald held an executive position for over 15 years at Everett, a consulting and system integration firm specialized in IAM. Gerald is regarded as an authority on Consumer...

Jan joined the Deloitte Cyber Risk Services group in June 2008 after successfully leading a niche IAM systems integration company. He is currently leading the Identity and Access Management Practice for EMEA and the Cyber Secure domain for Belgium. In these capacities, he is involved in major...

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A Digital Society Needs a Digital ID

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