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By recent identity flood, end-users in organizations do not wish to have additional identities(especially username and password) for their companies or universities anymore. This makes them to reduce their end-user satisfactions and royalities and sometimes make them to use shadow IT which may have security risk for the organizations.
In addition, for many organizations e-mail is not suitable communicating tool anymore especially for younger age, because they are used to use social network tools like twitter/facebook to communicate each other.
But in the same time, it is true that IT admins are still required to manage employees' or students' identities in organizations for internal audit and security.
In this talk, I would like introduce possibilities to solve this dilemma for organizations by BYOID(Bring Your Own Identities) with CIAM technologies with some demo using Microsoft Azure Active Directory B2C.

Best practice for managing BYOID in organizations.

Key takeaways:

  • How to improve end-user satisfaction by reducing pair of username and password.
  • Next generation communication in organization with social network tools.


Digital Services are increasingly influencing our daily life. Regardless if we log into our company IT systems, if we order lunch online or do some Christmas shopping.
Just to name a few. Booking travel, leasing cars, checking our bank account are just a few more.
And those is just a sample of the visible services. Who knows about the other, hidden services…?
One is for all in common. We have to struggle with separated accounts across all platforms and services.
A minority of services supports nowadays account consolidation and centralized login procedures.
We as the users of digital platforms of any kind for any purpose are individuals. Therefore should we be treated as digital individuals.

On the other hand is a risk given to overwhelm those, who are not dedicated to the ID industry or are not ID Professionals.
We, as the insiders, are eager to implement and use any new and fancy technology and follow kinky Identity trends.
With or without a scare factor for the unaware users considered?

What are useful trends for consolidated accounts, sovereign identities?
Dirk Wahlefeld will outline the future diversion of Identity from Access and touches on some more aspects, e.g. the necessity of standards and the influence of identity to other technological trends.
He will take you on a review of the Identity journey, where it comes from (even not named Identity Management back then), gives a glance overview about today’s situation and tries to predict the future with you.
This hopefully interactive presentation is addressed to those who are interested in the context about how Identity Management was, today is as it is, and looking forward to what the future might bring.


Dirk Wahlefeld represents COGNITUM Software as a Product Manager for their patent-pending Identity Management product go:Identity and go:Roles. He is responsible for conceptual design and realization of product strategy based upon new topics, strategies and customer feedback. Prior to this, he...

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