Next Generation KYC: Mobile Onboarding Using NFC Technology

  • TYPE: Keynote DATE: Thursday, March 01, 2018 TIME: 17:40-18:00 LOCATION: maX 1
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Digitalizing the Know Your Customer process in a manner that is secure and at the same time provide a good UX experience is a major challenge. How to detect fraudulent identity document online? How to detect spoofing attacks, e.g., masks or video morphing? This presentation discusses this, and present new technology that uses smartphones with NFC and RFID-enabled identity documents, and how this can be combined with facial recognition. The Dutch bank Rabobank recently went to production with mobile identification using NFC and facial recognition. This use-case and the lessons learned from this will be presented. 


Dr. Maarten Wegdam is co-founder and the Managing Partner of InnoValor, and CEO of InnoValor Software. InnoValor Software’s flagship product is ReadID, a mobile identity verification software product. Mr. Wegdam has a MSc and PhD in computer science and worked for several R&D companies...

Frankfurt, Germany


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