Customer Authentication Strategies in an Evolving Technology, Threat and Regulatory Environment

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Authentication is the lock and key on your organization's digital front door. It's your customer's first point of interaction with your brand, in a world where digital interaction is fast becoming more the rule than the exception. At the same time it's a keystone of your customer-facing security architecture: your first line of defense against cyber fraud. These opposing roles are tricky—but critically important—to balance. New threats, new security technologies such as biometrics and behavioral analytics, and new regulations such as PSD2 are forcing authentication processes to evolve. This session will update you on the current and near- future customer authentication landscape, and offer strategies for getting the process right: with strong security and privacy, a positive CX (customer experience), and in compliance with the appropriate regulatory requirements and industry standards.

Key Takeaways:

  • A very large percentage of data breaches today exploit weaknesses in the customer authentication process.
  • New regulations such as PSD2 in Europe will bring more secure methods into common use for digital banking, payments and ecommerce.
  • Some authentication methods that are currently in widespread use—for example SMS one-time passwords and knowledge-based authentication ("secret questions") are obsolete, and should be phased out now.
  • Typed passwords are also past their expiry date, but replacing them with emerging authentication methods like biometrics will take time.
  • After years of hype, biometrics have finally "come of age" and in many use cases offer an improved CX over older authentication methods—but they can only provide adequate security in financial use cases as part of a layered, defense-in-depth architecture 
  • Behavioral analytics and artificial intelligence/ machine learning in conjunction with account opening, authentication and authorization will be key to achieving effective omnichannel security as well as an acceptable security/ CX balance.

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Tom Wills is an executive advisor on risk, fraud, cyber security, identity, compliance, fintech and platform-based business models in the payment systems, retail banking and e-commerce sectors. Over 30 years’ experience as a security practitioner, product developer, industry analyst and...

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