The Future of Digital Business Security

  • TYPE: Keynote DATE: Wednesday, November 14, 2018 TIME: 16:40-17:00 LOCATION: Historische Kassenhalle
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The digital development spurts have captured all areas of life. Industry 4.0 is on everyone's lips. The digitization of all areas of work and life requires integrated and robust strategies and processes at all levels.
Consequently, this poses many questions: How well prepared are economies and politics as well as the society as a whole with regard to cyber safety aspects? How do people react to change processes? Basically, what is the significance of the human factor in the overall context of digital safety and cybersecurity? Of course, there have been prior leaps in developments within the industry. This time, however, there has been a significant change not only in technology, but also within the fundamental business model of companies. Eighty-five percent of automotive, engineering, aerospace and defense executives believe that technology breakthroughs, such as artificial intelligence, the Internet of Things, and data-driven business models, will completely change their business The market for cybersecurity applications will more than double from $ 96 billion today to $ 210 billion over the next seven years, according to studies by consulting firm McKinsey. The speed and extent of change requires a bold transformation.
Cybersecurity comprises all techniques aimed at protecting data against criminal or unauthorised use in businesses around the world. An effective defense from cyber-attacks is achieved when people, technologies and processes all work together to complete one another in the fight against new threats appearing every day. Becoming a victim of hackers constantly exploiting different vulnerabilities of you or your company makes it inevitable to no longer ignore the danger. Thus, implementing a well prepared cybersecurity enables business to be one step ahead of criminals at all times. Understanding vulnerabilities from a criminal’s point of view is key to creating those defense strategies that help keep organizations and citizens safe from harm.
Moving around freely both in the real world and in the confines of the web has always been an important principle, hence being aware of the dangers in connection with threats to cybersecurity is a crucial part of preparing for them.
In recent times, individuals have grown increasingly concerned over the privacy of their personal data. Such public perception is mainly created by published information, thus it is down to journalists and content creators to realize the importance of this issue. Without such journalistic awareness creation, there will be no public discussion about and adaptation to the risks associated with cyber-attacks, respectively.For example: There has always been a certain level of distrust toward Facebook, since it is more commonly known for its product offering than its service and cooperation in the areas of data usage / data protection.
A data breach, as happened with the contractor Cambridge Analytica, was only a matter of time and consequently, doubts of the general public toward data security were foreseeable.. As a matter of fact, it has led many users, who had either already grown suspicious or were just generally lacking interest in the service, to turn their backs on it and, further still, organizations opting to delete their public pages.
Prominent individuals who have chosen to withdraw from such services on the above grounds include Elon Musk, who proceeded to shut down the official pages of Tesla and SpaceX.

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Jochen Werne is a German Manager with a proven track record in business & digital transformation and in the field of People's Diplomacy. He's a member of the Executive Committee of PROSEGUR Cash Services and in charge of Business Development, Innovation, Business...


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