Advanced Analytical Tools for Detection and Prevention of Cyber Attacks

  • TYPE: Combined Session DATE: Tuesday, November 13, 2018 TIME: 15:10-16:10 LOCATION: Historische Kassenhalle

Mapping the Comprehensive Cyber Human Factor with Implications on AI and Future Cyber Leadership

The aim of this presentation is to map the comprehensive human factor and cybercrime landscape categories (Motivations, the category of the perpetrator, category of the targets and victims, opportunistic and targeted attacks, the jurisdiction of the target, technology versus social engineering). Mapping these two pillars provides indicators that can be integrated in AI cybercrime predictive analysis, construct a model of the man-cognitive system and a cyber leadership network based on the deduction of cyber policy challenges.
• Proposal of threats indicators/inputs for AI cyber-crime predictive analysis.
• Man-cognitive system based on the illustration of the linkage between cognition, psychology and decision making 
• Roadmap for cybersecurity leadership in different human factor levels (IT personnel, policymakers, LEAs, etc.).

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