Integrated User and Access Management in the Belgian Social Sector

  • TYPE: Business Case Study DATE: Wednesday, April 23, 2008 TIME: 15:00-16:00 LOCATION: IMAX

The Belgian social sector consists of 2,000 social sector actors and offers 190 electronic services for mutual information exchange amongst all actors in the social sector. This is coordinated by the Crossroads Bank for Social Security.

Additionally an integrated portal site ( is accessible by companies, citizens and professionals. This portal contains nearly 60 electronic transactions mainly for employers but also for citizens. Also the different federal and regional governmental bodies offer electronic transactions on their respective portals and websites.

Identification and authentication problems were already resolved using a federated approach (two identity providers & SAML redirection) and by means of the Belgian Electronic ID-card. The authorisation problem in all its complexity was and still is the biggest issue. There were several separate initiatives to tackle the authorisation management on a specific level. The need for a unified vision was the catalyst for the UAM-project (User and Access Management).

Bob Lannoy will go through the history of access management projects in the Belgian social sector and present the UAM-project and its integrated vision for the future.

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After his PhD in Experimental Physics, Bob Lannoy started as an IT consultant at Smals in 2000. As a member of the research department he focused on Identity Management as one of his core research topics. He has published several internal reports on the subject for Smals and its government...


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