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The purpose of this talk will be to explore the ideologies of consent in a digital context, about when should Forgiveness or Approval be used as an appropriate consent method. Specifically, when a third party needs permission to use/ has used your data and what this means for company cultures and values. The talk will also look at how a layered consent model is needed and what that means for customer experiance

Key Takeaways:

  • what consent means in a digital world
  • they type of culture and values which are needed to build trust
  • what layered consent is and how is can be implemented


Lubna is an internationally known executive, systems designer and industry expert recognized for her unique blend of foresight and delivery in high growth markets. As a futurist who inspires new thinking and disruptive business models, she created and writes about the Allternet -a visionary...

Investor, author and maverick, living in the UK. Tony has been involved in early stage high growth for over 25 years having built up and sold a number of businesses. He spends a large amount of my time helping companies grow/ scale but I find time to write and speak on personal digital data...

Privacy and data protection laws allow for collection and processing of an individual’s personal information given proper notice and consent. Consent to process data is a powerful justification in regulations such as GDPR: it can be used to enrich the user experience and remove doubt about intent. However, there is currently no broadly-accepted standard for management of consent in online systems. The Kantara Initiative Consent Management Solutions Work Group is gathering current practices from leading organizations to create a useful toolkit and guide for organizations wishing to implement best current practice for consent management.

Key Takeaways:

  • Work Group findings to help inform organizational policy leaders on practices from a wide range of contributors;
  • benefits and drawbacks to reliance on user consent;
  • requirements for consent management from specific regulations


This panel session will bring together legal and technical experts, together with digital business representatives to discuss the changes in guidance pointing towards Contract and away from Consent. The panel will discuss various use case examples that support the use of Contract vs the use of Consent as lawful bases for processing personal data. The panel will then discuss the range of tools and options available to implement them.

Key Takeaways:

  • The pros and cons of Contract vs Consent vs as a lawful basis for processing;
  • use case examples that can be applied to their businesses to determine which characteristics to look for to assist in making choice;
  • an insight into the tools and options available to implement Contract and Consent respectively.


Allan Foster is currently VP Global Partner Success. He’s helped build ForgeRock into a multinational identity software vendor with offices on four continents. Allan’s deep technical knowledge has been well used in all aspects of the business while at ForgeRock, with responsibilities...

Corné van Rooij is VP Product Management at iWelcome. He is also responsible for iWelcome’s Strategic Alliances. He has been working in the Security market for more than 20 years of which the last 15 years at two well know Identity and Access Management vendors. He is passionate...

Colin is the Executive Director of the Kantara Initiative Inc, the globally acknowledged thought leader and emerging practice resource centre for federated digital identity, access and consent-based information sharing. Colin's combined public and private sector background in online identity and...


Munich, Germany


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