(Adaptive) Authentication without Passwords

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Most businesses today still think Inside-Out when it comes to authentication and to enabling access. While this might work for employees, it is not ideal for dealing with customers and consumers.

Today, people expect smooth and convenient access. They don’t want to be pushed into lengthy registration processes. They don’t want to remember usernames & passwords anymore. They don’t want to use cumbersome methods for strong authentication. They just want to use their own devices.

Thinking Outside-In means designing methods that are both convenient to users and achieve the right level of authentication assurance. In this session, John Tolbert will describe how to implement an Outside-In approach and cover key considerations from the upcoming KuppingerCole Leadership Compass for Adaptive Authentication.


Markku Rossi has close to 25 years of software engineering and architecture experience. At SSH.COM he is responsible for R&D and directs the company’s technology strategy. Markku has extensive knowledge and experience with SSH Communications Security products, having served the company...

If you ask almost anyone you meet if they have too many passwords, if they have trouble remembering their passwords, or if they are reusing the same passwords in multiple places, you’re likely to get an ear-full. People intuitively know that there has to be something better than having to have a password for everything they do!

The good news is that passwords are being used for fewer and fewer identity interactions. They are being replaced by biometrics (sign into your phone, your PC, or your bank with your face or fingerprint), local PINs (prove it’s you to your device and it does the rest), and federation (sign in with Facebook, Google, Microsoft, etc.). This presentation will examine the progress we’ve made, the standards and devices making it possible, and stimulate a discussion on what’s left to do to deprecate the password.

Key Takeaways

  • There are good alternatives to passwords in use today.
  • Passwords are being used for fewer and fewer identity interactions.
  • Devices are increasingly enabling authentication without passwords.
  • New standards are enabling cross-platform password-less authentication.
  • The days of having to use passwords for everything you do are numbered.


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