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  • TYPE: Combined Session DATE: Thursday, May 17, 2018 TIME: 14:30-15:30 LOCATION: CHIEMSEE


Mobile multifactor authentication (MFA) holds tremendous promise for solving urgent security and regulatory problems. It can deliver the "strong customer authentication" (SCA) required by PSD2 and other standards, and it can remove the fear of account takeover that hovers over all of us, courtesy of the 5 billion credentials accessible to hackers and fraudsters on the Dark Web. It can also drive outstanding user experiences.

But it's often missing the digital glue that can make it truly adaptive, enjoyable and secure for eternal consumers using your web sites and applications. In this session we'll talk about the role of "device risk" as that glue, and how it can connect the competing needs for outstanding user experience, sensitivity to risk, and privacy. We'll discuss the role of risk insight in delivering SCA via mobile MFA, and how to leverage insight your company may already possess (though it probably lives in another team).

Key Takeaways:

  • Replace cumbersome passwords with mobile technologies that solve SCA requirements
  • Engage your customers with outstanding (rather than awkward) authentication experiences
  • Make "device risk" the driver of your customer's authentication experiences
  • Leverage critical risk insight your company may already possess


For over 20 years John has been at the leading edge of e-commerce, helping clients to navigate the risks and customer experience challenges involved in safely transacting with customers in the digital channels.   From the early days, specialising in Merchant Acquiring, then through...

Mobile authentication in consumer services can provide real business benefits through improved security, usability and interoperability. There are several use cases that business may solve through the deployment of a mobile authentication solution:

  • Improved KYC through the utilization of a secure enrollment mechanism with government, telecom operator or financial institution issued eIDs.
  • Building a mobile application ecosystem of third party mobile applications through the utilization of device side single sign-on.
  • Possibility to provide a more usable and secure authentication mechanism through the usage of mobile applications as software tokens.
  • Enhanced security through introduction of risk-based authentication and behavioral analytics.

Key Takeaways:

  • Purpose of this presentation is to present the different use cases associated to mobile authentication and the best practices of implementing and deploying these in an interoperable manner with the available standard technologies, such as OpenID Connect and FIDO U2F.
  • Understand the business benefits that mobile authentication solutions can bring for improved security, usability and interoperability.
  • Get an overview of different use cases that may be solved through the deployment of mobile authnentication solutions.
  • Get an overview of the different protocols and technologies that can faciliatete the deployment of mobile authentication in an interoperable manner.


Teemu is the Nixu Cybersecurity lead IAM specialist focusing in consumer identity and access management. In his role he is responsible of designing and building omnichannel digital identity solutions which bring real business value to customers. Teemu has ten years of experience...

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