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Moving Identity Talent Development Beyond the Basics

Combined Session
Wednesday, May 16, 2018 12:00—13:00
Location: ALPSEE

Larger, consolidated Identity and Access departments are emerging under either the CTO or CSO, as organisations attempt to realise the potential of digital business processes. Their people thus receive foundational training focused on a CTO or CSO agenda, but a clear I&A curriculum is missing. This talk will outline the challenges this implies in terms of talent acquisition and productivity. We will further provide ideas for crowdsourcing an I&A-focused curriculum and how to structure it for delivery.

Moving Identity Talent Development Beyond the Basics
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Moving Identity Talent Development Beyond the Basics
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Olaf Grewe
Olaf Grewe
Deutsche Bank
Olaf Grewe is a Director at Deutsche Bank responsible for access certification services. With a background as regional CISO across CEE and the Asia-Pacific region he moved into Identity and Access...
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