User Experience & Identity: How to Reach the Marketing Department

  • TYPE: Combined Session DATE: Wednesday, May 16, 2018 TIME: 12:00-13:00 LOCATION: AMMERSEE II

Saving the Marketing World with CIAM: One Identity at a Time

Modern Customer IAM architectures are expected to be the jack of all trades: They are supposed to streamline the customer acquisition process for Sales, provide a consistent user experience across all channels for end users, deliver extensive analytics for Marketing and Customer Service, and integrate seamlessly with a variety of enterprise applications such as CRM and Sales and online touch-points - all while upholding the classic goals of strong authentication and authorization in the light of ever-growing Compliance and Information Security regulations.

Traditional IAM and CIAM has a focus on persons and everything they own or may access; current sales strategies often target households where the target customer is not the person paying for the services or an “IT guy” is in charge of the infrastructure of the service consuming household members.

This panel will be discussing the most controversial and challenging aspects inherent to any CIAM implementation, all of which need to be balanced by careful thought and strategic planning:

  • Serving Many Masters: Privacy for the transparent customer
  • Double Dutch: How to integrate CRM and CIAM data models for common use cases
  • Partly Cloudy: Which architecture and delivery choices do you have?

Key Takeaways

  • CIAM is moving away from the "access only" focus to be an essential asset for current date CRM and Sales strategies
  • Critical success factors for CIAM implementations, especially regarding the balance between
    • Privacy vs. Analytics/Big Data capabilities,
    • the distinction between CIAM vs. CRM use cases,
    • and SaaS vs. On-Premise architectures.
  • The range of solutions both CIAM/CRM vendors and integrators offer for these problems
  • How different business drivers lead to different implementation choices between industries

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Ivo leads the PwC Digital Identity Impact Center for the EMEA region. Ivo has over 15 years of experience within the digital technology space, with a specific focus on global identity market patterns and translating them to business objectives for clients. He is a strategic and tactical Subject...

Jason leads Gigya's global marketing initiatives. He has experience in marketing technology platforms and applications for both start-ups and large enterprises. Most recently, Jason led marketing at DataSift, and prior to that led business intelligence and advanced analytics marketing efforts at...

As Managing Partner of Ventum Consulting, based in Vienna, Austria, Mr. Steffen Sperling has been the driving force behind successful IAM and CRM implementation projects across industries for the last 12 years. His responsibilities in IAM projects span the entire lifecycle from strategy to...


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