Security Related Certification Requirements According to EU-GDPR

  • TYPE: Keynote DATE: Wednesday, May 16, 2018 TIME: 08:50-09:10
Conference Agenda

The implementation of the EU GDPR is currently being carried out mainly by lawyers. An integral part of standard-compliant adaptation of internal company processes lies however in the technical / organizational and especially in the security relevant area, especially the Art. 32 of the GDPR shows. An adaptation or redefinition of corresponding standards is one prerequisite for a national and international introduction of certification systems that not only specify a common minimum level of a data protection management system, but also the necessary knowledge to perform the tasks of a data protection officer.

Two national standards are currently being developed in Austria, DSMS (Data Protection Management System), ÖNORM A 2017, and a Qualification Catalog for data protection officers, ÖNORM A 2018. The high level structure defined in the ISO is used, so that an extension of these standards to an international level would be possible. IT managers who have to carry out an optimization of their security applications because of the need of the GDPR. Decision makers in all business-areas who want to realize that an implementation of the EU GDPR does not only bring unexpected costs, but in fact has the benefit of improving the corporate structure to a better security & business-continuity management.

Anyone who wants to recognize that the EU-GDPR requirement according to the "State of the art" is a non-trivial issue and is in most cases not solvable by lawyers.


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