SGN Securing Shared Credentials at The Heart of Digital Transformation

  • TYPE: Keynote DATE: Tuesday, May 15, 2018 TIME: 19:40-20:00
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The future of IT security will depend on CISOs who are brave enough to build a new security model that is both innovative and unconventional. Gas distribution company, SGN, is blazing a trail that every company can follow. As a UK, critical infrastructure company SGN’s cloud-first strategy, provided an opportunity to redefine the security model with privileged access zero-touch and zero-trust as key principles. This thinking is enabling secure adoption of the cloud, IoT and frictionless user experience. The result is redefining traditional thinking.

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Mo Ahddoud is a security expert who is currently serving as the Chief Information Security Officer at SGN, which manages and operates over 74,000 km of gas mains and services in Scotland and the south of England. Prior to coming to SGN, Mo acted as the International IT Security Lead at NBC...

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Mo Ahddoud - SGN Securing Shared Credentials at The Heart of Digital Transformation

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