Identity & Digital Trust

  • TYPE: Keynote DATE: Tuesday, May 15, 2018 TIME: 18:40-19:00
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Trust is essential for a society to function. It’s even more critical in a digital society where transactions take place between parties that can only rely on each other supplied digital Identity.

eIDAS Regulation provides – for the first time – a clear, universal and comprehensive Trust framework for the digital world. Thanks to eIdas, EU is today the country with the most advanced regulatory framework for Digital Trust but, the Regulation is not able to cope with the new challenges introduced by AI, IoT or Distributed Ledger Technologies. Software increasing pervasiveness in our society is creating new paradigms that will redefine the concept of Trust and the ways it can be enforced.

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Carmine has been InfoCert’s Chief Innovation Officer since 2015 where he’s responsible for Innovation, Marketing, Compliance, New Products Development, Strategic Planning and International development. In June 2017 Carmine was elected Deputy Chairman of the Board of...

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Carmine Auletta - Identity & Digital Trust

Munich, Germany


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