Implementing Identity Management at BASF

  • TYPE: Business Case Study DATE: Wednesday, April 23, 2008 TIME: 10:30-11:30 LOCATION: IMAX

Implementing Identity Management in a large organization is a challenge. Processes and workflows need to be adjusted or redefined, many applications with their own proprietary identity management need to be consolidated. Rapidly changing compliance requirements create increasing pressure on audit and reporting capabilities on organizations. A future-proof identity management architecture therefore is essential to support business goals and to reduce risk.

Dr. Holger Petersen has been responsibly managing the identity managment project within BASF. Starting from early architectural considerations, he will be talking about his experiences and learnings during 3 years of identity management implementation at BASF, current standings and future plans.

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Dr. Holger Petersen has been working with BASF SE as a Senior Security Architect since mid of 2004. One of his first responsibilities was the evolution of the BASF PKI and related security solutions. Since 2005 he has been responsibly managing the global identity management project within BASF...


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