Birds-of-a-Feather II

  • TYPE: Birds-of-a-feather DATE: Wednesday, April 23, 2008 TIME: 07:00-08:30
Conference Agenda

Successful IAM Implementation Strategies

  • how to identify business drivers
  • how to meet business requirements
  • why IAM-projects fail
  • why IAM projects succeed
  • determine your strategy

This Birds-of-a-feather will be supervised by Paul Heiden, CEO BHOLD Company
Paul will introduce the subject and set the scene with a short presentation. Goal is to share experiences and lessons-learnt and make participants help each other to determine the outlines of an implementation strategy that matches your organization’s requirements.

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Paul Heiden (1967) is BHOLD Company’s founder and CEO. Paul started his career as an officer of the Royal Netherlands Marine Corps specialized in mountain and arctic warfare. Having obtained a master degree in Dutch and Roman law, Paul became legal counsel at KPN, the Dutch...

Dr. Horst Walther, born 1951 in Berlin, works as a interim manager, management consultant and independent technical advisor for more than 30 years. His expertise focuses on the business to technology interface. At KuppingerCole he covers the domain of IAM-processes, roles, rules & policies...

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