GDPR Is Coming – How Does Regulation Affect Internal Processes and Which Steps Need to Be Taken Quickly?

  • TYPE: Keynote DATE: Tuesday, November 28, 2017 TIME: 17:20-17:40 LOCATION: Le Hub
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As if Data Protection wasn't regulated to the bone already, GDPR will introduce a new level of regulation – in terms of detail, scope and in terms of applicability. The new rules have significant impact on how business are required to structure their internal processes, how they allocate responsibilities and – in general – how they focus on personal information.

The fact that non-compliance will be heavily fined is only one of many aspects that make in-depth examination of the new rules inevitable for all business with customers, users and other any type of involvement of personal information in Europe inevitable. With requirements and fines comes attention to the topic – and that's what you should pay now instead of a fine later.

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After having worked as a technology and digital media lawyer in one of the most renowned law firms for technology law with a strong focus on data protection, Tim has recently taken over the role as Head of Legal at HRS Group, a global hotel solutions provider, and has in this role been heavily...

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