Privacy and Blockchain

  • TYPE: Combined Session DATE: Tuesday, November 28, 2017 TIME: 14:00-14:30 LOCATION: New York

Blockchain based Pseudonymous Identity Provider

Consumer Identity & privacy has been in headlines in recent times. Identity federation has fuelled the proliferation of personal data across tons of web sites & they in turn get hacked. Thereby, lot of consumer personal data are now available on dark web. If we start with "privacy by design", businesses can explore using anonymous or pseudonymous identity, which could help reduce the risk to consumer identity & help meet data protection obligations of GDPR. In this presentation, I will show how blockchain can help with orchestrating pseudo identity federation. Leveraging PSD2 Open Banking APIs, bank login can power Smart Pseudo Identity Contracts. This zero knowledge contracts help to prove consumer's identity without actually revealing their personal details.

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I am an IT Professional with over 15 years’ experience in Cloud Computing, IAM, Investment Bank, Finance, Defense, Spatial Search, Real Estate, Airline industries. Have a good understanding of various software engineering paradigms and able to provide simple, industry standard, open...


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Kannan Rasappan - Blockchain-based Pseudonymous Identity Provider

Khanh Dang Ngo - CIAM, Privacy & the Blockchain in Financial Markets

Paris, France


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