Getting to Know You: Building Deep Customer Relationships Gradually through Progressive Identity

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Relationships develop slowly in the real world. You don't ask strangers for their home address or income when you first meet them. Yet that is how many brands approach consumers online. Progressive identity - the delicate art and science of gradually transforming anonymous online visitors into a known and loyal customers - is the secret to maximizing the value of CIAM investments. Learn how to build progressive identity programs, how to benefit from best practices such as give-to-get offers, and how major brands are leveraging progressive identity today.

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Jason leads Gigya's global marketing initiatives. He has experience in marketing technology platforms and applications for both start-ups and large enterprises. Most recently, Jason led marketing at DataSift, and prior to that led business intelligence and advanced analytics marketing efforts at...


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Jason Rose - Getting to Know You: Building Deep Customer Relationships Gradually through...

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