It Takes a Village to Protect Your Customers Online

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When large-scale breaches occur, they not only hurt the impacted service but also erode the trust our customers have in online commerce as a whole.  Protecting our customers online can no longer be a siloed activity but need to be coordinated among service providers to ensure customers continue to transact with confidence online.  

The current market of consumer identity protection solutions are limited in scope and capability.  Credit checks, insurance, concierge services when things go wrong only provide mechanisms to mitigate losses after an incident has occurred.  A new set of innovative services need to be developed that bring service providers together.  By sharing information, it would then be possible to enable a more holistic risk profiling of the consumer that would proactively detect potential account take-overs and inform both consumer and service provider to trigger additional protections.  Pilots are currently underway to enable these types of services but challenges arise between organizations as they navigate data sharing agreements and balance privacy protections of their consumers with greater security capabilities.  Organizations are also beginning to stand up with recommended standards and guidelines for service providers to align that would protect both the service provider and customer from unauthorized access.  With both technology and policy efforts working in parallel we may finally be able to successfully protect our customers online.  

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Phil Lam co-founded Lam Advisory, specializing in IaaS solutions and capabilities, standards alignment (NIST 800 series), risk framework analysis (cybersecurity and privacy) and federal contracts/grants management.  He previously served in the Obama Administration as both a...


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