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Amir will talk about the problems that we are facing as community with passwords. He will explain some facts how and why we failed to protect the real world applications with passwords and how we can solve a lot of that issues with multi factor solutions. Then he will go over and explain why we can’t stop there and must think a step further towards securing transactions that really hurts us to catch up with today’s demand for increased digitalization as well as the full connected environments.


As CEO, Dr. Amir Alsbih manages the worldwide strategic and operational business, as well as the technological development of KeyIdentity GmbH. He is responsible for the global business processes and technological innovations of the leading provider of highly scalable and quickly deployable...

Insurance companies need to reinvent themselves to stay ahead of the curve, stay current with compliancy laws and regulations and redefine the way they do business. Digital transformation for insurers means getting your customers online, knowing who the customer is and engaging with them in a meaningful way. To be successful, the customer journey is essential with a focus on mobile and social solutions. Which results in the delivery and accessibility of services across all channels.

With the advent of two-speed IT, insurance companies find themselves stuck between two worlds; compliance driven risk adverse IT administrators versus the IT innovators eager to launch new omnichannel initiatives. To enable this, companies are starting to upgrade current systems and adopting mobile and authentication solutions that serve as the glue between the two worlds. Multiple user groups such as consumers, intermediaries and business support need to leverage the same security infrastructure to optimize the number of interactions.

In this session Denis will explain how insurance companies such as Unive, AEGON, VGZ and many others leverage Consumer IAM (CIAM) and a secure API Architecture for Mobile Apps to actually transform to a digital Insurer. Denis will discuss the importance of a secure infrastructure including governance and he will share his lessons learned.

Key Takeaways:

  • Best practice to implement CIAM and Mobile at insurers for millions of user
  • GDPR compliance
  • Customer digital onboarding
  • Mobile login & authentication


Denis Joannides is the co-founder and CTO of Onegini and an expert in mobile security, authentication and payments. He has a strong technical background and is very passionate about making new technologies work. For the last 6 years his focus has been enabling mobile in the FinTech and retail...

Given the fact, that information is the critical resource within organizations combined with current trends such as Internet of Things (IOT) technology, artificial intelligence and cloud computing in the age of Industry 4.0 lead to major challenges for IGA (Identity Governance and Administration) in hybrid environments. Referring to Gartner, 63% of corporations will be replacing one or more IAM (Identity and Access Management) solutions within the next two years. The main reason is that technology environments have changed, and the predominate solution doesn't address the requirements.

During the session we will address the biggest challenges like

  • to integrate Cloud/SaaS and (critical) legacy (= on-premise) applications - IGA in hybrid environments
  • to delegate IAM to external IT services or non-IT staff / IDaaS as solution to outsource IAM
  • to meet security and compliance regulations while reducing the time spent for IAM
  • to improve the customer journey with passwords dying and SSO (single sign on) as a requirement

And we will also provide recommendations based on solving our customers' IAM issues since more then a decade

  • Identify specific requirements and target systems
  • Set up proper budget (keep long implementation cycles - years for selection and implementation - in mind)
  • Decision making on outsourcing or maintenance in-house
  • Plan for the future ensuring LOB integration and workflow enablement


Wolfgang Berger is a Business Development expert across EMEA. He is an accomplished practice leader driving revenue in partner and channel sales, and loves to build relationships with strategic key accounts and partners to develop, implement, and manage resell, retail and channel initiatives....

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Denis Joannides - Empowering the Digital Insurers

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