Anonymous to Known: How to Grow Your Business by Mastering Customer Identity Management

  • TYPE: Keynote DATE: Tuesday, May 09, 2017 TIME: 19:20-19:40
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You can’t sell to strangers. Customer identity and access management (CIAM) is the emerging technology that transforms unknown online visitors into known and loyal customers. Find out how CIAM can help your organization build trusted and lasting customer relationships. By progressively identifying online users from initial website visit to the creation of a full customer profile — businesses can build consent-based relationships that respect the new rules as outlined in the forthcoming GDPR. The great power delivered by CIAM also demands great responsibility. Learn how to ensure customer data is secure from threats, including account takeover attacks, as you build rich customer profiles and collect consent from consumers for various marketing, sales and support activities.

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Jason leads Gigya's global marketing initiatives. He has experience in marketing technology platforms and applications for both start-ups and large enterprises. Most recently, Jason led marketing at DataSift, and prior to that led business intelligence and advanced analytics marketing efforts at...

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Jason Rose - Anonymous to Known: How to Grow Your Business by Mastering Customer Identity Management

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