Motivations and Constraints of Actors in the Field of Identity Management

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An identity of some sort is necessary for almost all daily interactions in developed countries, and is becoming increasingly necessary in many developing nations.

To interact with the public sector, it is imperative for an individual to have a legal identity that is anchored in a legally established, standardized, verifiable, and trustworthy source. All countries in the world have such repositories, and they exist either as civil registries or civil identification registers (or both). The 198 countries reviewed in this study have a civil registry and 171 have civil identification registers that issue identity cards. Only 27 lack a civil identification and do not issue identification credentials. And of those 27 countries, four are currently in the process of establishing such systems to uniquely identify citizens and residents.

A number of companies and consultancies offer sophisticated technological solutions for registration services to ensure access to financial services. However, they tend to overlook national, legal, and institutional frameworks. Many of these products would benefit from collaborating with domain-knowledge experts in institutional and legal frameworks as well as the relevant actors in country’s public administration.

Although most developing countries in need of modern identity management systems understand that technology can solve the challenge of reaching universal registration, these are also the countries that tend to lack the resources to manage sophisticated technology.

The central question is therefore how the modern skills of these technical companies can best be leveraged to benefit the unregistered and undocumented citizens and residents of developing countries, while at the same time contribute to strengthen the national capacity to continuously and universally provide a unique, secure, and legal identity for all.

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Mia Harbitz is an identity management professional with extensive project management experience in developing countries. She is the former Lead Specialist in identity management and registries with a focus on governance for the Inter-American Development Bank (IADB), and is presently...

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Mia Harbitz - Motivations and Constraints of Actors in the Field of Identity Management

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