Identity of Things

  • TYPE: Combined Session DATE: Thursday, May 12, 2016 TIME: 17:00-18:00 LOCATION: CHIEMSEE


During the early days of identity in the Internet of Things, identity represented a singular thing. Today, identity has evolved into a more complex arrangement. We must now evolve our thinking.

Identity is no longer about one person, system or thing. It involves the interaction between and orchestration of people, systems, things, devices - all of which have their own identities. It is ultimately a “symphony”.

In order for any orchestra to achieve greatness, there must be a conductor to coordinate and drive the vision of the score. In the case of identity, that conductor can connect disparate people, systems and things to drive business transformation.


Mr. Miller directs the identity management offering at Covisint, which currently secures access for automotive, healthcare, energy and government customers. Mr. Miller has spoken at numerous conferences in various industries and has also testified before the U.S. Senate regarding e-prescribing...

In this session we will discuss how we see Identity in the context of Digital interactions. Identity is not only associated to users but also to devices, things and services and moreover the relationships between all these entities can also convey important information when interacting between them. Digital Identity can be also an enabler to bring value to every interaction with customers and citizens when they access services provided by organizations. Services can be offered through multiple channels: Web, Mobile, things, etc, but regardless of the channel, identity and security will always be the first touch point during a digital interaction. During the presentation we will show a demonstration on how Identity of Things and Identity Relationship Management can be used to add value to digital interactions.


Victor is an Information Technology veteran with more than 27 years of experience in areas of Software Development, Security, Networking, Identity Management and Identity Relationship Management. He is one of the Co-Founders of ForgeRock and the VP of Customer Innovation at the CTO Office. In...

IoT security is the major challenge for industry. The issues associated with the delivery of trust, secure authentication, and integration of devices are know but solutions are scarce. We explore the ways security can be extended from devices to the Enterprise. In addition the needs of IoT security differ markedly from traditional smart card or mobile handset devices given the long lifecycle associated with devices in critical infrastructure, transportation, industrial and building automation systems.

In this presentation we will highlight many of the issues, real and perceived, with IoT security and look at how we protect devices in industrial and critical control applications that may need support for twenty years and longer.


Haydn is the Founder & CEO of Secure Thingz, a company focused on developing and delivering next generation security into the Industrial IoT and other critical infrastructure domains. He is also an Executive Steering Group member of the IoT Security Foundation, a group specifically set up by...

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