Privacy by Design, Identity as a Service (IDaaS)
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BYOI (Bring Your Own Identity): Me, Things and the Relationship between. The Claim for a Frictionless Security World

Combined Session
Thursday, May 12, 2016 12:00—13:00
Location: CHIEMSEE

Frictionless IT is a simple term to understand, it's about an IT ecosystem focused on give the end user a continuous user experience where there’s not friction, hence the term, while using different devices, application, programs, networks or at higher level any on premise/cloud environment. It's an IT that just work anywhere, anytime with any device for any user.

Embracing a journey toward a frictionless IT ecosystem need to embrace an equivalent and inclusive journey toward a frictionless security. The frictionless security is the capability to leverage an integrated set of solution that span across all the stack of the infrastructure pile of IT. Frictionless Security is about the capability to redefine the five W's who, where, when, what, and most of all why embracing a world in evolution who need to recognize new paradigms like the Internet of Things, the identity relationship, the contextualization of the identity operation.

Alessandro Festa
Alessandro Festa
One Identity
Alessandro brings over fifteen years’ experience in the Information Security space and has spent this time working in the field with global organizations enabling them to more rapidly realize...
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