The Transformation of Identity

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Information Security is not what it used to be anymore. The days where Information Security and IT Security were used as synonyms are past for long. Information Security has increasingly made its move to the business departments, with Information Security officers looking far more at Information Governance than at technical measures for securing information, even while they request technical measures from the IT departments.

This is not the only fundamental change we observe. Business IT and Operational IT (or OT) can’t remain separate worlds, neither from a management nor a security perspective. IAM is no longer a primarily administrative topic, but is done for two primary reasons: Increasing business agility in the Digital Transformation by managing identities of everyone and everything in a hyper-connected world, and supporting organizations in their GRC initiatives.

Looking deeper into that transformation, identity has moved to the center of attention, while traditional approaches such as perimeter security are moving from the center to the perimeter of attention. However, it is not only about identity. It is about moving towards a business-centric Information Security that supports the requirements of organizations in the Digital Transformation and the hyper-connected, agile, and ever-changing ecosystems organizations are working.

Martin Kuppinger will look in his presentation at this journey of Information Security from the past to today’s state and the role and organization of Information Security in the future.


As the industry designs and deploy highly interconnected, autonomous and data-centric services, enterprises and government agencies worldwide must strike a delicate balance between the obligations of security and privacy with the continued drive towards agile, business–oriented and interconnected systems. In order to maintain that balance, we must put identity at the center of the IT ecosystem. By putting IAM at the center brings more identity awareness to operational and security applications – from MDM to ITSM to PAM to UBA and beyond - organizations can increase the user-specific precision of policies and controls spanning their IT infrastructures, significantly increasing the sophistication and effectiveness of their IT risk and security programs. In this session you will get an overview on how today’s IAM infrastructure is evolving to meet the needs of customers who face the increased pressure to enable an agile enterprise while ensuring compliance and security.


Mr. Darran Rolls is the Chief Technology Officer and Chief Information Security Officer and at SailPoint, where he is responsible for directing the company’s technology strategy and security operations.  Mr. Rolls has a long history in identity management and security at companies...

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