Making Security the Competitive Advantage for your Enterprise

  • TYPE: Keynote DATE: Wednesday, May 11, 2016 TIME: 08:30-08:50 LOCATION: AUDITORIUM
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Security is as Security does. It is it’s own benefit and it’s own justification. We need to use shock and awe tactics to get the business to do what we want to ensure the security of the business. Right?


We are not the special flower of the business, we are just one part of it, working in harmony with the others. We help the business do more, better, and for less just like everyone else. So if we can’t shock and awe, and if we no longer have special privileges, how can we be more effective?

In this talk Thom will leave the audience with new questions, and even some answers on how to adapt to their changing security role in the business.

Key Takeaways from this keynote:

  • Marketing security to be seen as a competitive advantage for your industry
  • Moving the business towards a security focussed culture, and
  • No longer being the department of “no!”

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Thom is the founder of (TL)2 Security, a strategic Information security Consultancy that focuses on Virtual CISO, strategic business alignment and public speaking/advocacy for hire. As Chief Information Security Officer of Publicis Groupe, Thom was responsible for all aspects of information...

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Thom Langford - Making Security the Competitive Advantage for your Enterprise


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