Identity Management, Governance and Forced Migration

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An identity recognizes the existence and belongingness of a person. Identity can be many things, social, cultural, religious, national, psychological, however for any interaction with agencies, institutions and governments it is a person’s legal identity that matters. The legal identity is required to gain access to services, rights and benefit. Recent research estimates that there are 1.5 billion individuals who do not have documents to prove their legal identity. An especially vulnerable group among them is the migrants, refugees and displaced populations who leave their place or country of origin for compelling reasons such as armed or political conflict or natural disasters.

In order to address and remedy the situation of vulnerable groups it is necessary to know who they are and how many they are, both for planning and distribution purposes as well as ensure access to services, benefits and safe havens.

New thinking is required with regards to identity management for forced migrants and the role supranational institutions can play to help solve some of the problems regarding aid distribution and settlement.

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Mia Harbitz is an identity management professional with extensive project management experience in developing countries. She is the former Lead Specialist in identity management and registries with a focus on governance for the Inter-American Development Bank (IADB), and is presently...

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Mia Harbitz - Identity Management, Governance and Forced Migration


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