The new role of the CI(S)O 2020: Enable disruptive innovation

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Don’t only survive the Digital Transformation. Become the Transformational Leader.

There rarely has been so much disruptive change driven by innovations in IT ever before. Distributed Ledgers and Blockchain are at the forefront of these changes and will massively impact the business models of many organizations, well beyond the Finance industry and FinTechs. IoT is becoming a standard element, closely connected to Smart Manufacturing and Industry 4.0. Again, business processes and business models will change massively in the hyper connected world.

The relationship to customers is already changing and we are about to enter the post-app era. Device mesh is a reality in today’s user behavior. Machine learning and deep learning open new opportunities, well beyond Big Data Analytics. Business is changing and IT has to change as well. IT organization, IT processes, and the underlying technology. On top of this, as the sword of Damocles there are the ever-increasing challenges of security, privacy, data protection, and last not least compliance in this brave new world.

The CI(S)O of the future has to understand the fundamental, disruptive changes, but also the transformational potential of IT for businesses. If the CI(S)O fails, businesses are at risk. If he succeeds, businesses will be on the winner’s streak. Understanding the changes and innovations in IT and the trends in business is essential for today’s IT leaders. Martin Kuppinger will look at the ongoing changes, their impact on IT and the innovative potential of IT for businesses, and focus on the red hot topics every CI(S)O should focus on for becoming a transformation leader. He also will explain how all these changes relate to the underlying Information Security, identifying the top security and privacy technologies that will foster disruptive innovation, from Blockchain over Privacy by Design to Identity Relationship Management and Advanced Analytics and Real Time Security Intelligence.

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Martin Kuppinger - The new role of the CI(S)O 2020: Enable disruptive innovation


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