The Future of Identity in the Finance Industry

  • TYPE: Combined Session DATE: Wednesday, March 01, 2017 TIME: 12:30-13:00
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The financial industry traditionally has been ahead of other industries when it comes to "traditional" Identity & Access Management (IAM). Traditional in a sense that it is focusing on employees and partners and as such is of fundamental importance i.e. in managing different roles and their access rights in frontend and backend functions and roles, as well as segregation of duties and an efficient and effective provisioning and deprovisioning of employees.

What about the new challenges, like Customer Identity & Access Management (CIAM), cost-effective KYC, mobile security, 2-Factor and Multifactor Authentication? Upcoming new regulations like PSD2 define requirements that go well beyond of what is needed today.

Furthermore, privacy and the upcoming EU-General Data Protection Regulation should be much more than another regulation to comply with - for the financial industry, it should be a busienss model to digitalize the trust relationship banks used to offer to their customers in the past.

In this panel, we will discuss the future requirements for identity management in the Finance Industry and how your IAM program should look like to support your business the best way possible.   


Rob is a recognized marketing leader in the fields of security, identity and access management, consumer identity management and digital transformation. Over Rob’s 15-plus years of experience in the IT space, he has had worked for some of the most leading-edge global technology...


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