High Assurance Identity as the Trusted Delivery Layer for Consumer Financial Services.

  • TYPE: Combined Session DATE: Wednesday, March 01, 2017 TIME: 11:10-11:30
Conference Agenda

Creating persistent identities, that are validated or uplifted to the right trust levels for commerce, is key to services like online banking. This is meet by building relationships that deliver 'Identity with Assurance' as well as offering Data and Services Brokers, and Personal Data Management. This is all done under user consent, to supply information from multiple sources utilising 'dynamic' attributes and services. Examples being, payments, age verification, passports, and data in accounts like Amazon, PayPal etc... Together they raise assurance levels and generate multi-directional trust which is key to enabling trusted services. Risk based authentication and verification which utilises IOT devices like Amazon's Echo and location awareness with device ID are here today.Online banking takes about 28 days to KYC a customer and open an account, uses in person verification, is a poor user experience and has at best a 40% success rate. The aim is to onboard a new customer within minutes and completely online. UK banks, Royal Mail and others are working with the Uk Government to utilise the Verify IDA to extend it and create the ability for banks to solve the issues. The result is a new high assurance delivery lyer for both government and financial services. In this session discover how,when, where and why this is happening.

Key Takeaways:

  • The importance and value of High assurance in Financial services
  • How this delivers new customers in a shorter time frame whilst reducing risk and cutting fraud
  • The value in collaborating and utilising standards to deliver services
  • How Trust can be created and uplifted whilst meeting GDPR requirements
  • A better user experience will delivers and retains the customers

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