RISK is Not a @#$%&! Dirty Word!

  • TYPE: Keynote DATE: Wednesday, May 06, 2015 TIME: 18:30-18:50 LOCATION: AUDITORIUM
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Risk is akin to the multitude of bacteria found in the human body; without it the body does not flourish.  If you think your risk assessments and risk registers keep you safe from risk, then think again. Risk is a vital part of business, one that helps prompt correct decision making, open up greater rewards and helps grow an organisation and keep it healthy. Learn from clear examples and understand when risk can be embraces and when it can be avoided.

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Thom is the Director of Sapient’s Global Security Office, responsible for all aspects of delivery and internal security, risk and compliance, and business continuity across Sapient’s global operations. Having successfully built security and IT programmes from the ground up Thom...

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Thom Langford - RISK is Not a @#$%&! Dirty Word!


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