Stop Treating your Customers like your Employees

  • TYPE: Keynote DATE: Tuesday, May 05, 2015 TIME: 18:20-18:40 LOCATION: AUDITORIUM
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Enterprise identity management has been primarily focused on serving the correct access to employees and contractors. But as the industry has been perfecting how to serve employees, consumer identity has presented itself as a growth opportunity for businesses and identity professionals alike. Unfortunately, the industry has tried to apply employee-centric techniques for consumer and citizen identity scenarios. In this talk Mr. Glazer will highlight the difference between employe- and customer-centric identity and propose techniques that identity professionals need to employ to delight customers. 

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Ian Glazer is the VP, Identity Product Management, at Salesforce. His responsibilities include leading the product management team, product strategy and identity standards work. Prior to that, he was a research vice president and agenda manager on the Identity and Privacy Strategies team at...

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Ian Glazer - Stop Treating your Customers like your Employees


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