Is the Importance of Multifactor Authentication Delivery Models Overrated?

  • TYPE: Expert Talk DATE: Thursday, May 15, 2014 TIME: 13:00-13:20 LOCATION: BEER GARDEN
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Strong authentication is becoming more ubiquitous, more commoditized and more heavily consumed within the enterprise and beyond. This begs the question: Is the commoditization and consumerization of authentication driving the adoption of cloud-based authentication services, or is authentication as a service a natural outcome of increased cloud adoption? To what extent do authentication delivery models affect enterprise security strategies and impact on service provider business models. Lastly: Are the capabilities of authentication solutions inherent to the delivery model, and if so, what are the capabilities that will trigger wide-scale adoption?


Doron Cohen leads technology strategy for SafeNet’s Authentication solutions, bringing expertise in the areas of authentication, password management and identity management to his role.  Doron has over 25 years of experience in IT and Security Management including directing...



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