Secure Information Sharing in Health Care

  • TYPE: Combined Session DATE: Wednesday, May 14, 2014 TIME: 17:30-18:30 LOCATION: ALPSEE

eHealthcare Done Right: Strong Identities, Privacy, Secure Information Access and Sharing

There are few areas than eHealthcare, which are less regulated and less sensitive when it comes to Information Security. Patient records are highly sensitive. On the other hand, eHealthcare is a highly connected business, with hospitals, doctors and nurses, insurance companies, and the patients themselves as important players – not to forget the pharmaceutical and life sciences industry, universities, and others. Strong authentication and strong identities are key. Flexibility for integration is key. Secure Information Sharing, flexible access to information, and privacy are mandatory.

In this panel, the participants will discuss what it needs for better eHealthcare solutions, beyond the point solutions for hospitals or doctors today:

  • How to increase user adoption? And how to onboard all relevant users?
  • How to ensure privacy in such future systems?
  • How to authenticate the various parties? How to build a system where different parties can strongly identify themselves, without creating inhibitors and without inacceptable cost?
  • How to save money with better eHealthcare?


Don Schmidt is a Principal Program Manager in the Windows Azure Active Directory engineering team at Microsoft with over 30 years of successful software and standards development experience in security, federated identity and attribute-based access control. He is considered a trusted advisor...



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