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  • TYPE: Combined Session DATE: Wednesday, May 14, 2014 TIME: 11:00-12:00 LOCATION: AUDITORIUM

Bridging the Gap between Business and IT: How to Translate IT Wording into Business Language

This panel is about discussing how to translate business wording such as technical resource names - "EX12FIN" – into business language: "Expense System for non-managers". Many IAM/IAG projects struggle with doing that translation. The panelists will discuss

  • the need for mapping IT wording and business language
  • where to do it
  • who has to do it
  • how to do it efficiently

Bridging that gap means setting up an IAM/IAG organization that spans business and IT people. Thus, we expect the discussion not only being about the translation between business and IT, but talking about the organizational structure and prerequisites on both sides for this key success factor of any IAM/IAG project.

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Dr. Barbara Mandl is Senior Manager of DAIMLER AG, responsible for the Global Daimler IT-Organization: CoC Identity and Access Management.  Dr. Barbara Mandl’s career lead her through various Telecommunication and IT organizations. Among those were leading Management Positions as...

Marco Venuti is responsible for leading and developing the CrossIdeas technology partner ecosystem. Prior to joining CrossIdeas, Marco served for 3 years as EMEA Compliance Management lead for Novell, where he was instrumental to the design and development of Novell's EMEA...


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